Dashboard view doesn't load for some users on some apps

Some of my users are reporting an error where the dashboard view doesn’t load at all, and just leaves the white background. In the developer tools in chrome, I can see that the elements do not load at all, and neither does any <div>s that should contain them.
The problem doesn’t occur for all users at the same time, and it seems to not affect all apps either, with different users reporting the problem for different apps, but having no problems loading another dashboard view in another app.
I have instructed my users to update their browsers, but the problem persists.
The problem has been observed on multiple browsers (chrome and edge), by the same user.
Are you already aware of this problem?
Is there something I can do to fix this, or are your people working on it?

Hi Frederik, I’m not aware of any issues with the Dashboard view. Are you able to email support@appsheet.com with app details so I could check it, thanks.


I have now find a temporary fix that seems to work every time, without needing to delete any browser data or anything:

  1. Navigate to the app and view you want to use (even though it often doesn’t work)
  2. Go to the url, and delete everything after “/start”
    This will sometimes link to the desired view directly, but even if it doesn’t, when manually navigating to the desired view again, it will now work

This fix also temporarily fixes the problem when opening the app again later, but it seems that whatever causes the problem can create the problem again, and the fix is needed again.

As to what causes the problem, I still don’t know and I can’t reliably reproduce the error, but I have observed the problem being triggered by updating the tab running the app a few times.

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Thanks for sharing those observations, it helped to identify a problem that involves switching between apps. A fix should be coming sometime today, in the meantime, launching the intended app directly rather than via app launcher or gallery may work around the issue.