Dashboard View from splitted Detail view

Hello there, I’d like to make a dashboard-view of my customer table.
My table has 4 reference tables, so I thought about a dashboard-view, where I see all those 4 reference tables in one view, but I want to archive that after I click on a customer record to get to the detail view.

I want the detail view = dashboard with all the reference tables.
How am I able to do that? Slices doesn’t allow the syntax: REF_ROWS(“Customer_Contract”, “cID”).

For example:

This view in as a dashboard-view with one table: Customer Details and the other one with the appointments.
Is this possible?


I m afraid i m not perfectly understand your case, but try this.

First make table view or deck view for your parent table which do have 4 child related table.
And then place it to dashboard, while you place the detail view for 4 child tables. Make sure to set interact mode “ON” for your dashboard.

From John Doe.

Hey, thanks for your reply, unfortunately this is not what I want.

Imagine the same thing you said, but without the ability to switch customers (parent items).

I want to be able to click on a parent item in a table view, than open a “detail-view as dashboard”, so that the related tables are side by side with showing only the selected parent.

Unfortunately, last I tried you couldn’t push a record to a dashboard view - meaning, you can do something like:

LINKTOROW([RowID], “Dashboard”)

The dashboard doesn’t pick up the row you’re passing along and instead just opens like normal.

Now if you wanna get crazy, you can create a flag system to isolate out which parent someone is looking at and use slices/views to create your dashboard. To do something like this you’d need:

  • a column in some table to store the variable info
  • an action to set that variable to whatever someone’s selecting
  • slices to isolate out the related parent and child records (that’s looking at the place you’ve stored the variable from the first item and filtering for those records)
  • views for these slices, and a dashboard bringing them together
  • and finally a navigation action to take you to the slice/dashboard.

The idea is you’ve got a way to flag out a specific parent, then you’ve got things that work based on that flag. It’s kinda crazy, but it works.

Okey, then the post from @Fabian may help ?

The last time I tried this, maybe a few months ago now, this wouldn’t work. I’ll try again and report back…

Reporting back: