Dashboard Views based on Formula

Hey Everyone,

Im looking to display certain views in a dashboard based on a formula. Is this possible? Currently I have about 12 items in a dashboard, but there are certain ones I don’t want to display at certain times, this is all based off a filter.

Currantly Ive tried the “Show if” In the individual views, but this does not seem to work.

Also, When views are taken away, I would like the remaining views/New views to auto resize again to the screen,

Any help is appreciated as always :slight_smile:


What about asking USESETTINGS to do this?

I m not sure what sort of formula, calculation act as filter for your app. But let the app and usersettings to detect those dynamically within usetsetting fields by putting expression into it.

Then on your views, and SHOW IF constrain, put the expression out of usersettings.
If userseting A value returned B, then show, else hide. something like that.

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The show if is based on the data itself, it is dynamic, I cant do this with user settings.

So I dont want to show certain views if certain columns are blank.

What are the expressions?

I have expressions for many differant views,

For example

My display image view (Detail view) in my dashboard has this expression,

ISNOTBLANK(Product Spec Slice[Display Image])

Your expression:

ISNOTBLANK(Product Spec Slice[Display Image])

asks the question, does the Display Image column of the Product Spec Slice have a value for any row? Is that your intention: for any row?

There is only 1 row in the slice, So yes i think so.

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Then I would expect that view to display if the one row in the slice has a non-blank value in the Display Image column. But you’re saying the view is not displayed?

Its’s always displaying, evan if the value is blank.

If you replace the entire existing expression with the expression, FALSE, does it still display?

No, So Obviously I’m doing something wrong, I just don’t know what,

What about this?

First you slice the image table with expression isnotblank. Test and see if data and row is returned correctly by seeing the data set out of slice. If you caputure image to that field and table the slice should return the row

Once it is confirmed working fine. Then put expression to show if.
The expression is simply count the number of row in slice. If it returns more than 0 then show else hide.

To form a count expression make sure to refer to if column to count the number of row.

So I figured it out. I had to use the Any expression.

But Im changing everything and deleted my Filter table and going with a fully interactive dashboard.

The user can just select items from a table in the dashboard now.

I want to implement the same thing with displaying certain views, but how can I evaluate what row is selected to evaluate if the column/cell is blank or not?


Do you have parent and child relationship between views with ref type connection?

if So you have already list type column but it referred to whole child table including blank which you want to eliminate. So you first create slice to remove black row. Then go back to parent table and go to list type auto generate column which ref to child. Then open the editor .

You see ref_rows expression which ref to child table. Change the name of table to newly creat ed slice

By doing so, when you select row on interactive dashboard, the detail view stay blank when it does have nil number of rows on slice.