Dashboard with date filter (Choosing) updating the others view present in it

Respected Members,

Being from a non-programming background, I am trying to build an application to manage daily activities in my business. I want a dashboard whereby choosing timeline in terms of month, year, date range, etc, I can filter the data in the respective view present in the dashboard so that reporting can be done on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. I have a date column in all my sheets, requesting to please let me know how to go about it as using slices with row filter I can do it either for a week or last month or a year, etc but how to create a list to choose the timeline as per will.

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Please take a look at the below sample app. The sample app has filter based on text ( values) , you could use date based filters instead.


Also please refer to following various date related expressions / functions to get the desired dates

Also please refer following AppSheet references related post thread that could be handy from time to time


Dear Surutt,

Thank you for the response.
Sorry to bother but have tried reading all the updates related to it but was not able to understand. Your emphasis on the stated answer has helped me to reach further.
Thank you!


No problem. You are welcome. We all have initial learning curve on any new product or new system/subject .

AppSheet makes this learning curve much faster and one can build progressively complex apps within fairly short period of time. There are plenty of very useful references including help articles, sample apps, and the community posts.

Please feel free to post in community your queries. The community is also very helpful.

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Dear all;

I’m trying to build a dashboard view, and within this UX, there are two views in which I’d like to show only the rows with the date of today.

The table being built is called “Estoque Atual”, and the above mentioned tables are named “Expedição” and “Produção”. In the “Estoque atual” dashboard, I’d like to put the views of the production [Produção] of today, and all the dispatches [Expedição] of today.

But when I try to filter the view, this is what happens:

In advance, thank you all for your help.


Fábio Nabuco Correia

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() is not what you want to use there. You probably also don’t really want a security filter. Instead, you probably want a slice.

See also:

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