Dashboard With Inline Tables based on Detail of Selected Row

Edit: I should add that yes my dashboard is configured for ‘Interactive Mode’.

I could use some pointers on how to ‘filter?’ the inline table views that are part of a dashboard along with a detail view.

I have a ‘Permits’ table, when selecting a row I set a custom action of LINKTOROW([_THISROW], "Permit Detail") where ‘Permit Detail’ is a dashboard view made up of the default detail view for Permits along with ‘AnnualReports_Inline’ view which is a table.

I thought that the Inline table view would be filtered based on the Permit detail selected, however that is not the case. Annual Reports in this case is based on the records in AnnualReports determined from a bridge table that stores the references between Permits and AnnualReports. So in Permits table I have a VC like this:

And another VC to narrow down the Annual Reports like this:

I would like the dashboard to show only the related AnnualReports in the ‘break-out’ inline table.
Could someone explain how to get this accomplished?