Dashboards in Browser View not working as in mobile

In Browser mode, it seems that clicking on a row within an included view, does not initiate the corresponding Detail or Form View of the data, while in mobile view this can be done by clicking the Title of the included in dashboard view. Any ideas Why?

I’m not clear on what you mean. Could you post screenshots that indicate what you mean?

Thank you Steve.
Sorry, i wasn’t precise. The behaviour of views included in Dashbord is not the same in Browser orTablet, and in smart phone. In browser and tablet when you click on the title area of the nested views nothing happens while when you do this in mobile the view opens and then with click on one row, opens the detail and eventually the edit form of the data, which is very nice actualy, a complete drill down in data!
In tablet and pc works only the interactive mode between the nested views and nothing else.
I need to know the functionality of this Steve, because i am going to teach the platform in my Class, and as you probably know, students are hard to catch up! speed of light!