Dashboards linking to other dashboards with filtered information

I have a dashboard with 4 windows; a deck view of a list of invoices, a table view with all the linked line item details, a details page with the invoice image as the background and only thing shown, and the header of the invoice that is selected from the deck view. I want to be able to link to another dashboard that shows a form for adding line detail and the details page with the invoice image of the header that I have selected from the deck view. I already have the linking to a form that has pre-filled ID field that links the detail to the header. Also on save I have the form go to the same form with certain fields pre-filled from the previous entry. A main crutch I discovered while typing this is that you can’t add forms to dashboards? Would I be able to make the form a detail page that on clicking a button creates a new row, pre-fills the details and then opens a dashboard on that new rows detail page with all quick edit fields?