Dashboarsd - user defined layout collapsing

I have dynamic dashboard, where each app users can show / hide the part of dashboard elements (views) by firing action to optimized views so that the user can focus on after applying filtering.
It is working fine, apart of one problem. Dashboard is not remembering to the user defined layout, but always returns to default view.

I probably enroute to Support@appsheet.com as it looks not expected behavior, meaning looking a bug. Showif constrain assigned to each single view is looking like overwriting the dashboard layout setting, as I see from the result.


Hi Koichi, I saw that you sent a support ticket for this. Let’s continue with the support channel.

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Yes, sir.
I suppose you see the dialogue on that channel, I got response and this is going to be relayed to dev team. I continues on that channel. This post is for the purpose of sharing my findings with community.


Any updates on this topic for everyone. I too would like to be able to arrange the dashboard and “save it” as the default view. Instead of having to rearrange every time I open.



I’ve been having this same problem recently.
Any updates on this?

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Same as this?

Its really annoying and i think we need something that can lock the dashboard. I still have the problem.