Data added with standard function/form, added to excel as new row, but not displayed within detail view

Ok, so there is a table Drive_Log based on excel spread sheet.
The app is showing it with regular view Drive_log (no slices/filters).
The app has form to add new entry for this table (standard)
When using form to add new record it is saved in excel but somhow out of the “range” which causes not showing up new record within regular view Drive_log.

As above - Row 21st is newly added and would not be displayed as out of table range. (however when downloading the excel and opening as regular local file in XL it seems there is no any table or named ranges)
Why? How to fix?

I suspect AppSheet doesn’t support named ranges in the spreadsheet.

It was not the named range.
I was playing with excel and set the filter for headings.
Once released all back to notmal

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Yeah, spreadsheet column filters break AppSheet.

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