Data can be saved once per day per code or per employee name

Hello everyone Well, I would like to ask for help.

I’ve been making OT apps for over a year, but I’m having the same problem. When you look at the spreadsheet, you’ll find that some people repeat multiple entries a day.
That is, in 1 day, there will be morning-evening OT, but my app in 1 day can record 3 time OT in the same frame (morning OT, evening OT, late night OT).
But the problem encountered is
Mr. A did O on 8/7/2021, posted OT but recorded 2 repeats, even on the same day.

The formula I have copied from the experts. That is, it is a formula that can only be posted once and cannot continue.
But I want 1 code to enter OT data only once a day.

[_THISROW].[Name-LastName] = [Name-LastName],

You may wish to take a look at the last section of the artilce below to lnow the approach to avoid the duplicate entries. You will need to further add suitable conditions such as [Employee ID], [Date] in the filter expression. This will make the valid-if expression [date] and [Employee ID] specific.

You may wish to enter then valid_if expression in the [Time In] and [Time Out] columns so that the entries for those columns do not repeat for that date and that employee.

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