Data change workflow action not allowed with the APPSHEET STARTER plan

Just poped up today on a couple of my Apps.

This relates to a workflow which recalculates a column in a parent record each time a record is deleted.

This is not mentioned here as far as I can see - AppSheet Pricing

Mistake or change in pricing?

Yes this is true and it’s mentioned here…

Ahh, ok. I misread that any though it only said “on a schedule”. So this is a new change then?

I believe we had that earlier as well… but maybe we didn’t monitor that closely enough.

It was definately working/allowed last week as I’ve now got getting phonecalls from users that their wages aren’t adding up now. So not only has this error message just come up but Appsheet have blocked this functionality straight away :angry:

Let me check this.


@1minManager, may I ask what is your account ID?