Data Configuration and Reference Help

I am new to the site and I am working on my first app. It is meant as an inventory distribution app. I manufacture a product. When it is complete, it goes to a staging area and from there it is given to installers and sent to the customer.

Data tabs include Installer Info and Job Info. Job info is copy and pasted from an output from our database.

I want to have a job by installer view and a job by job number view. I want to be able to select a job and have it immediately go to an entry form that auto populates job number, job type, timestamp, user, installer name. The user can simply click on a status and that will create a record of the change and update the status of the job. Status is currently not a column on any tab. I would also like the option of taking a picture on the form. Job goes from shop to staged to given out with 2 optional statuses as off schedule and invalid. Last view would be a signature view that is only available once the installer has received all of his jobs for the day he can sign for it.

Not sure if I can post what I have or show the data to help with a solution. Any help with this would be appreciated as I have been working on this for a few weeks with no results in this area.

Hi @ManOfMarble Where are you having trouble? Have you checked out “Group by” , “Slices” and “Actions”