Data controls for Reports

Hi team,

is there a way to add data control to reports? for instance place a Date control, so I can select the date I want the view in the report.

Can you provide more details?
I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve.

Hi Phil, something like below image:

Are you saying that you want the user to select a date, then click a button, and have that button click launch the workflow rule that generates the report?

If so, see topic “Sending Email from an Action Button and Prompting for More Data” in this article

No actually, I mean that the user can select the date and charts automatically reflect data related to the selected date parameter.

@Geovany_Kelly You are probably looking for a dashboard view (possible with the Interactive mode) where the first section is for the date selection. It could be a one field with quick editable value. If you then use a slice for the 2nd section, it could filter the data as you requested. Does it sound a solution you are looking for?


Hey Aleksi,

Yes it sounds like a solution of what I am needing!

Sorry for bother you, but do you have a quick sample about how can I achieve it? Lets say I have this data: Total Sales, per Date, per Employee. I have the timeline chart for that data. And I would like to select a date and the employee (or all of them) so the chart reflects the selected data.

Thanks in advance, Aleksi.

Please send your email to and I will try to find a sample.

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