Data disappears

I have a dashboard with multiple views. When I click on one view it makes the data from another view disappear until I click the other view again.
See below to understand
This is the view at the beginning

Then I press the date on the Project Notes

Then after I press on the date again

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you check if you’ve enabled the option ‘Interactive Mode’ for that dashboard view?
Also do you have any Project (on the left view) that are referenced to that ‘7/21/2020’ date (on the top right view)?

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Yes the interactive is enabled
Annotation 2020-07-21 190kkk

To your question if any project on the left are referenced to the 7/21/2020

Which also brings up another point why are the other comments showing up. It should only have the one.

So with the Interactive Mode enabled, the dashboard acts like a filter. When in the app, you click on the date, it updates the other views to only show records that are associated to that date. However, you need to make sure that the records in the different views are related together in your table schema by using a ‘Ref’ data type (check

In your example, I am guessing that you have not specified that the dates of the records in the left view are references to the dates mentioned in the top right view. An easy way to check is to go to the column definitions of the Project table and see if the Date column has the type ‘Ref’ and is referencing the proper table that would contain your filters.

If you want another example, take a look at this sample app:
The dashboard is interactive and if you click on one of the equipments, then it will update/filter what you can see in the ‘All’ sub-view.


I have the dashboard working as with the exception of that one pane.

Here is my relationship with the data between tables.

Im doing the same thing as I’m doing with the task comment section which works fine.

Thanks for you input

So the Project sub-view (in your dashboard) is showing a list of projects, while the Project Notes sub-view (the one at the top in your dashboard as shown just above, and the one that shows only the date in the dashboard screenshot of your initial post) is showing a list of what exactly? I see a date on that sub-view but only your Tasks table seems to have dates.