Data Does Not Update When Spreadsheet Is Updated

I can’t seem to get my app to update when I update my data in Google sheets. I’ve hit sync multiple times and I’ve hit “regenerate structure” about 5. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, or what settings may be off.

Any chance that the option Behavior > Offline/Sync > Delta Sync is set as ON? If yes, try to set it as OFF.

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Possibly, the table is set to read-only, and server cache is turned on?

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Delta Sync is off. I read something about onEdit? Does that sound familiar?

The table is a read only table, and server cache is off. But if I edit the table on the backend (the initial source) shouldn’t it still update when I “regenerate structure”?

Normally you dont need to regenerate the table. Sync should get the refresh data out of the data source, so not sure where the issue is coming from.

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Possible your app is using a different file? In the app editor, go to Data >> Tables and click on View Source to open the actual file the app is using, and confirm it’s the file you’re updating.

This seemed to get it to update. So the file was the right file, but I had to check the source, open that source, update the info, resync, open the source again (to visibly see that the changes saved), and resync again to get it to actually update in the app. Could be a bug? But thanks! helped a ton.

Good to hear.

If this problem repeats itself, I’d suspect a bug. Should it happen again, please engage


You are probably referring to GAS scripting and that has nothing to do with the sync in this case.