Data entered into the form is not showing into the data sheet

While I am entering data to the data form, the data are shown as stored on the app screen, even in the mobile app, while the same are not reflected into the data source excel sheet in google drive !

Within the app editor, go to Data >> Tables and click on View Source for the affected table. This will take you to the spreadsheet AppSheet is using. I suspect AppSheet is not using the file you expect.


Hi Steve,

I am aware with this action, where It was checked before posting my question.

Night time I rechecked the data entry once again it is now showing, is there any clarification for this matter.

Are you confident the app was syncing properly? Did you try a manual sync?

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Yes dear, and even at this time both the web and mobile apps are showing the updates, while the file remains empty, even I refreshed the web page of the google sheet opened from the source table tab.

As I advised, this was morning time, right now I was checking it is reflecting the entry.

Just I am in doubt, what is the reason?

Please contact for help with this.