Data Entry Notification

I have a workflow setup to trigger a notification when a new data entry is added. How can I have the notification go to the newly entered record when clicking notification.

Thank you

I am currently using:
to go to my gameboard view but when clicking on the notification it still just loads up the appsheet app to the default view.

I was going to use:

LINKTOROW("<<[_RowNumber]>>", “Gameboard”)

Can’t seem to get clicking the notification to go to anything except the default landing view of app though.

Because your notification is outside of the app space, you need to specify which app you wish to navigate to in addition to the view name.

It looks like all of the LINKTO…() function have an optional parameter for the app-id at the end.

I’ve not tried this but think all you need to do is add to your Deep Link for the notification something like this:

LINKTOROW("<<[_RowNumber]>>", “Gameboard”, "app-ID")

You can find this app ID in the URL of the emulator as “appname=…”. Just copy the part after the “=” up to the “&”.

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For reference: