Data failing to appear in detail view after UI update yesterday

I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, but since the UI overhaul of the form yesterday, now one of my read-only tables doesn’t show data reliably in the detail view anymore. It often shows up blank (with just the column headers/fields, but no or very little data), and then if you hit resync/refresh the data shows up. This particular view is used in my app to determine if a student has certain classes finished, and normally blank would mean the classes are not assigned. This leads to a lot of false identification of classes needing to be assigned but they’re already there, it’s just Appsheet won’t show the data until you manually resync. Any help?!

Just because you set the table as read only.
When you sync the app, the app is getting data from the appsheet server where the data is previously cached, not retrieving the most latest data out of the data source.

Set the table config to update, add, and delete, other than readonly.
Then you hide all of those actions (do not display) through config for action to hide action button from entier your app.

The current arrangement has worked flawlessly for months and months up to this point. The data source is updated each night only (not continuously) so upon initial sync when someone starts work in the morning the data is as current as it’s going to get that day. This should be a non-issue. The data that is there simply isn’t appearing at all… the data doesn’t even have to be “new”.

Sounds like a bug to me. Please contact for help with this.

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Thanks, Steve, I’ll do that as soon as I ensure there’s not some kind of oddball issue with the underlying data source.

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I’m having the same problem. After the update yesterday, a virtual column is now showing as blank when there should be data.

Please contact for help with this.