Data field DD/MM only?

Is it possible to ask user to input a date for day and month only DD/MM in a form ?

There’s no built-in way to do this.

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Can you think of a work around to achieve this ?

HI @jeffchoy

You may want to use a Type “Date” column, which will display a device-generated input system for this column, and you may want to set initial value to TODAY(), so that people don’t need to entry the year.

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If you could share more details why you need it, how you expect it to work , maybe a workaround could be suggested. For example how do you wish to differentiate between a date of 10 June 2021 and 10 June 2022 because those both will be entered as 10/06 What about February in a leap year ( 29 days) and non leap year (28 days) How you plan to capture that difference if the user enters 29th Feb for a non-leap year. Or does the year does not matter at all?

However workarounds , as the name suggests, will be in general longer to implement and at times lesser user friendly.


Thanks for your replies.

It is for a customer contact card app, we want to collect only their birthday for DD and MM only. We do not have a need or desire to capture the YYYY, as some customers may feel hesitant about revealing their age.

Maybe you wish to try the following workaround. Have tried to minimize user interaction to enter the date but still it is a workaround.

1)Column [DateDD] , Number Type, Min Value 1, Max Value -31, Increase/Decrease Step-1, Display Type- Range

Valid_if Expression: IFS(IN([DateMM], {1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12}), [_THIS]<=31, IN( [DateMM], {4, 6,9, 11}), [_THIS]<=30, IN([DateMM], {2}), [_THIS]<=29)

This valid if will not allow the user to set a date more than allowed for that month 30 or 31. For Feb it will not allow a date of more than 29. But it will disregard leap / nonleap year for Feb.

  1. Column [DateMM] , Number Type, Min Value 1, Max Value -12, Increase/Decrease Step-1, Display Type- Range

  2. Column Combined Date Text Type App Formula