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I have been working on an app for over 2 years to manage our organization’s finances and it is finally ready to start being used by everyone in the company.
But then I saw the potential to make it even better (does it always happens to you as well?). I realized that it would work a lot better if everyone’s finances talked to each other.

For a lack of better knowledge, the way I had it planned is that each user used a copy of the same app, mainly so that each one has their own set of tables on their excel sheet instead of ending up with one massive file with everyone’s data and this is important since each user needs to balance their income/expenses separately.

Below is an example of what we would like to achieve, so what I need to know before I go any further is what the best alternative to the each user=one copy of the same app approach would be.

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Example: Let’s say I am currently holding USD10,000 of company’s money. My app “knows” that (from a table called “Cash Income” and therefore I am responsible for reporting for each cent of that money.
Now, let’s say I handle 1,500 to a coworker and from now on she is responsible for that money and she now needs to report for 1,500 USD more on her own app and her own spreadsheet, and I would need to report to 1,500 USD less now.

We are currently doing that manually using a table on each one’s app called “Cash Flow”, so on the above example I go to my app and mark it as Cris handled 1,500 to Carol.
Then I have to make sure Carol does the same thing on her side.

Right now I am very proud of the app but I would like to take it one step further now and sync everyone’s finances to implement it better.

Thank you os much!

The best alternative would be to NOT have one app per user, but just one app.

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Thanks a lot @Marc_Dillon
How complicated would it be for someone to take over someone else’s project and turn it into an app that would work well for multiple users like this?
Would most professionals hate doing this compared to creating the whole thing from the beginning?

Thank you very much!

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In general, not very difficult - but it all depends on how things are already configured/setup inside your app.

  • Here’s a video showing how I took an app built for one company to use, and configured it so multiple could use it. (Granted, most the pieces were already there.)
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