Data from a form must be reflected to two or more tables at once

Hi! I’m still new to appsheet and I’m trying to create an inventory app. To give you an overview, the app should show a general inventory and a specific inventory (by project: Talic, MOPH, Sibugon). I have a receiving and issuing form that are both connected to their respective sheets. However, I want whatever I input in both forms, it should reflect in its sheet and to another sheet/table simultaneously because that will serve as a summary (All Items) of all the specific inventories.

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I tried and looked into different formulas but I couldn’t find something that would work. To make it simpler (I believe), I made the specific inventories (Talic, Sibugon, MOPH) into slices based from the general inventory (All Items). Everything works on the surface level however I still can’t connect my forms (receiving and issuance) to all items. What specific part of virtual columns could I use or that would fit best my solution? Thank you!