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Maybe not relevant for a lot of us but still…

I dealt so far with the fact that direct audio recording is not a native function yet. What would be useful somehow and already suggested a lot. Turning around, I discovered that Google keep could be fairly used on smartphones for voice notes taking (between multiple other sources). I asked myself, how hard would it be for Appsheet wonderful devs to integrate data from Google Keep, as they did for Google Calendar.


Hi @CHRISTOPHE_CHANDELIE, I looked into creating a custom integration.

It looks like there is no public API for Google Keep, but there is for Google Tasks.

I don’t use either, so I started researching the differences.

This article is obviously biased towards Tasks, but it makes a lot of good arguments:

After looking over the features of both platforms, I think a built-in connector for Tasks would be more useful.

If you’re open to using Tasks instead, it looks like it would be fairly simple to create new Tasks or Items with AppSheet webhooks.

Or you could link a Google Sheet with Tasks via Integromat.

Or you could send emails from AppSheet to trigger new Tasks using Zapier.

Hope this helps! I couldn’t find any similar integrations for Google Keep, due to the lack of API. But a few users have created custom Apps Scripts that may work.


@GreenFlux thanks for your reply. It helps my understanding of it for sure. I still see some differencies between Tasks and Keep. Keep could manage tasks even if Task do better. But Task can not manage notes as I use it. With multiple sources and voice particulary.

Anyway I did not get the API limitation.


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Google provides public access to the API for Tasks, but not for Keep.

The API is how different web services talk to each other. So it’s a lot easier to integrate Tasks with AppSheet than with Keep.

Yes, I think Keep is probably better for unstructured notes, with an open canvas to insert different types of notes and media. Tasks is more date-focused and structured, instead of free-form.

You could still write a custom script with Apps Script to integrate with Keep but it would be a lot more complex.


The integration with Google products is continuing, and I am once again looking forward to the integration with Google Keep.

As mentioned here, Keep does not have an open API, which makes it a web application with little potential for development by the developers who gather in this community.

On the other hand, I think Keep has a great UI and is used by many people, including myself. For citizen developers, Keep may be a more intuitive way to visualize data structures than Google Sheet.

I have a little dream that there are hidden APIs shared within Google, and the AppSheet Team will take advantage of them to release a nice new feature.:laughing: