Data from grand child to parent form

i have 3 tables parent, child and grandchild.

in child table i select the reference to grandchild form and enter values in a grandchild.
in parent i select the reference to the child form. what i need is to get few columns from the grand child form to the parent form after i select the child reference in parent form.

Table Parent:

  1. Parent Form ID
  2. Child Form Ref (reference of child form ID)

Table Child:

  1. Child Form ID
  2. grandchild Form Ref (reference of grandchild form ID)

grandchild Child:

  1. grandchild Form ID
  2. Column A
  3. Column B

so in the above table when i select the child form reference in table parent, i want the Column and Column B to be auto populated / auto shown in the parent form as a table view.


I don’t think you will be able to directly show the grandchild table directly from the parent view. However, what you can do is to create extra columns in the child for Column A and B to store that data then just show that child data in the parent view. This is not ideal of course because you are redundantly storing data twice. If you do go this way, maybe you could then just get rid of the grandchild views? You could create a copy action to help the user from entering the same data multiple times? Actions - Copy This Row and Edit Copy

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thanks for the reply, can i create addition columns in the child table as a nested form and have the data from the grand child come straight to the nested form. i am asking this since the grandchild will have multiple rows. or in other words can a nested table in grandchild get pre populated as a nested table in child form. thank you