Data from multiple rows into an email body

New to Appsheet (first time poster)
I am wanting to select multiple rows from a view and then use an action that starts an email where the body of the email contains values from each of the selected rows.

Is this possible?

Background of the request: I have a sheet that contains links to product brochures. The sheet contains the brochure URL, the brochure name, and a few other columns that help categorize the brochure. The app is for our Sales Team to look through product brochures and select multiple ones that they would then send to their customer via the brochure link in an email. They will want to be able to edit the email prior to sending it to their customer.

There’s no trivial way to do what you want, where the user selects rows from a deck, gallery, or table view. The easy way to accomplish something close would be to use an EnumList to allow the selection, then use the resulting list to generate the email.


Yes, as @Steve suggested, that would be most recommended workaround. By adding, you create Enum list with ref to boucher table, where your users pick up the items on demands.
Prepare another virtual column from boucher table, where you kick Select expression into, with IN([ID], EnumList Values) .

FIre action to generate email from that particurlar parent row.