Data input integrity workaround to vlookup? ...

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Data input integrity workaround to vlookup?

Has anyone figured this out?

We’re building a feature-rich native plant nursery management app.

Everything is going great, but…

We have long lists of customers, order names, plant species, etc and we have many people using the app so data integrity is of critical importance.

We had previously implemented our business system in EXCEL and vlookup was important functionality that currently isn’t fully supported by Appsheet, because although users can add new values, say a new customer, the new customer will not show up in any logic or drop down lists until the table is manually regenerated.

Has anyone figured out how to implement a workaround to this functionality gap?

Is there any way to force a table regeneration from the app?

Or is there some combination of data structure, views, etc to replace auto-populating vlookup functionality?

Here’s the text from Appsheet.

** "Both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel support a built-in mechanism called data validation rules. Data validation rules allow you to constrain the values that can be entered into a worksheet cell. You can define one or more data validation rules for your worksheet. Typically, you define a separate data validation rule for each column in your worksheet where you need to constrain user entered values.

When you create an AppSheet application from a worksheet having data validation rules, AppSheet will automatically detect these data validation rules and apply them to your AppSheet application. This ensures that data values entered through your AppSheet application conform to the same rules as data values entered directly into your worksheet.

The dropdowns that AppSheet automatically creates from worksheet data validation rules have one significant limitation. AppSheet does not automatically detect changes you make to your worksheet data validation rules. Instead, each time you change a worksheet data validation rule, you must manually regenerate the corresponding AppSheet table. When you do the regenerate, AppSheet will detect the worksheet data validation rule change and update the AppSheet application to match." **

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Mark_Brownlee, you can definitely do this. See - The “Lookup/Dropdown” data pattern

Instead of having an enum type, instead use a Text or Number column with a Valid_If, or use a Ref column. Check this article for the “dynamic” list use case. The “Lookup/Dropdown” data pattern

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

Also - Dropdown from Valid_If Dropdown from Valid_If

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@Mark_Brownlee are you working with @Miranda_Lubarsky I’ve been working with her on another thread that sounds eerily similar to your post… Long story short better data organization is in order… - Hello everybody. So I have made a slice of a table. The set up looks like t… Hello everybody. So I have made a slice of a table. The set up looks like t…

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Ok, will review these resources and get back.

I don’t know Miranda but maybe we should connect…