Data input

Hi all, quick one, but I can’t seem to figure it out or not sure if it’s possible.

I have a Google sheet that will be used to record a set of numbers from a test in various locations of a building.

Basic Layout of the sheet is as follows:
A1 Site Name
A2 Tester
A3 Date / Time

A5:S5 Results of readings Area 1 (With some Calculations thrown in.
A6:A6 Area 2 and so on if needed

While this is easy to fill out just using the Sheet, I am looking to make it a bit more professional looking.
What I am failing to get a grip on is how to get the lines for Area 2 and additional areas inputted without needing to fill in the A1, A2 & A3 all the time.

So I guess my first question is Can this be done?
2nd question, If so how please?

Thanks in advance


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