Data inputted in a form will transfer to multiple sheets

Hi! I’m still trying out appsheet but I encountered a problem. I have a centralized form in which a user can choose which PROJECT the data belongs to. How do I have one form and can transfer the inputted information to its respective gsheet (by project) depending on the chosen PROJECT? Any guidance would really help. Thanks!

You can use either an Action or a Webhook Workflow with preset AppSheet API to add row data to another table.


Hi! Thank you for your help. I encountered a problem while going into webhook. I opened the links you sent and used it as my guide but there were two problems. First, when I checked the log its results show success.

However, opening the gsheet and the app itself, the data I want transferred to the other table could not be found but I have no idea why. Second, when I tried to recreate the body template it displayed an error. (attached below)

Any suggestions would really help. I really tried my best to understand everything but my deadline is on Monday. Send the cavalry guys :sob: Thank you!