Data is being stored in the wrong columns

One of my tables in a spreadsheet of 8 has begun to store data from the App in the incorrect cells

NEW data displays correctly in the App but is stored incorrectly.

All EXISTING data is shown in the App in the wrong place…


Anyone have any ideas?


Have you made column changes to your source table(s) - eg. added new columns in the middle of your table(s) and not fully synchronised all devices before entering new data?

an example would be adding columns such as building, location and level to the left of GPS location and not updating/synching devices after change.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I thought the same at first BUT no matter how many times I press SYNC it doesn’t seem to correct itself.

I renamed the columns to that where the App was actually storing the data and re-synced.
Now ok…but strange I had to do it