Data issue

Dear team,

In a table, I have inserted a formula like “Monthly/1.05” but the AppSheet result and MS excel result are different. for example



I want a solution for this

Can you please try the following for the decimal column where you are getting results?

Please select decimal places as say 7 ( or the accuracy you wish) and increase decrease step as say 0.0000001

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not working

Could you be more specific please. Could you please share say screenshots of the said column’s all settings for example?

Also please try the expression as [Monthly] / 1.0500000


same result

is there any way to round the decimal to two digit

maximum limit for decimal is 10 ? Right

I am sorry that I am unable to understand your requirement based on the latest post. From your post, it sounded that you are looking for more decimal places. Are you looking for 2 decimal places now?

Could you please restate your exact requirement? Do you wish to show more accuracy in terms of more decimal digits ? Also as requested could you post scrennshots of the decimal column under discussion?


sorry for the confusion

I have added the 10 digit my value is correct


In this case, the number length is high, that’s why I’m asking for another solution

but when I change the digit to two the value is not accurate


Thank you. It sounds that you wish to have higher accuracy, maybe in further calculations or in the back end sheet and you wish to have just two decimal digits displayed in views for the user.

If so, in views, for example in table view, you could have another VC that has only two decimal digits accuracy to show in the summary and other views for the user. In the backend, you could store the results with higher accuracy number in another column with higher decimal accuracy. This higher accuracy column could be hidden from the app views.

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