Data loader

Lets say i have a working app that users work with.
However, lets say that currently my users already have data in excel. Instead of manualy adding all the data, i want them to be able to load existing data via csv and have the app preform all it’s functionality on set uploaded data, for instance, assign uniqueid.
I want this to be acheived by my users rather than by me as the developer. How can something like that be done?

To clarify the proccess:
I have some tables set and connections between them.
I create a csv export file that my users copy the data into the csv file and then i upload the csv to populate my tables.

Hi, you need to create that kind of functionality on the spreadsheet level by yourself. Unfortunately we don’t have import functionality like reading data with CSV at this moment.


Do you think a thing like that would be developed? As i see it, in order for companies to invest in an app, they would need a solution for this that does not include coding or access to the database

This functionality is in our roadmap but I’m afraid we don’t have exact timeframe for that. Though you need to update the data before importing if you don’t want to open all records.