Data movement

Hello, I am currently making one app related to food delivery. The app is supposed to work the following way,

  1. The first tab will be the delivery Task tab and next will be delivered. I have maintained two different datasheets. The delivery task sheet has data in it but delivered is empty.
  2. Once I make a delivery the data should be deleted from the delivery sheet and the same data to come in the delivered sheet.

I am stuck in this workflow can you please tell me how to do it.

Why do you want to move the data to another table? Would it be easier to keep them in the same table and filter the data with a slice?

Can you help me with how to do this.

Hi @Lavesh_Parab You could add a “Status” column , type enum, with various options eg Ordered , Delivered, Not delivered etc and then make your slices accordingly.

Please check this article…