Data moving from app to app

Hello team,

It finally looks like our company has understood the value of using the apps we have been working on for a year now.
I have been designing and testing an app for financial tracking and reporting for many months now and it finally got almost to the point I wanted it to. It works very well for me until the money starts flowing from hand to hand throughout my staff.
I want to have all staff who manages company money to be using this app, which one will have their own spreadsheet to track their cash flow and expenses. And I have that ready to work. But what we now need to figure out is a way to have amounts of cash to flow from staff A’s app/spreadsheet to staff B or C’s app/spreadsheet as we handle money to each other.
Staff A (Project Manager)
Staff B (Project Manager Assistant)
Staff C (Food Supplies Manager)

Staff A receives USD10,000 and that is on his/her app as “cash Income”…
Eventually Staff A handles USD1,000 to Staff B and another USD1,000 to staff C.
Once staff A tells his/her app that USD1,000 was given to staff A and B, Staff A’s app would add twice “-USD1,000” to the “Cash Income” table and now only has to report for USD8,000 and automatically Staff B and C have each USD1,000 added to their income table of their own spreadsheet/app.

I assume that to be able to do that I need to have a Master App/Spreadsheet that is still about the full USD10,000 but how to make the cash flow automatically from app to app? Slices?

Thanks a lot!

I am gathering you are planning to have separate spreadsheets BUT the same column structure?

Have you checked into using Security Filters?

These allow for the data to be in the SAME spreadsheet but each person sees ONLY their information. And you can have complex filters such that:

Each employee sees only their rows of information.
Each manager sees all of the rows for all of their employees.
Each executive see all rows for all of their managers.


You are right, exactly same structure. What I meant was just create a version of the same app for each staff member.

I like the Security Filter approach. I have read the links you sent me (I havent watched the videos yet). Thanks for those links.
So, once filtered, each staff would have their own set of data, such as cash income, expenses in different currencies, currencies exchange, cash counts, etc. The app has a bunch of virtual columns with formulas that give us all that information for each currency being used, plus the balance they should have in each currency plus how much they are off in each currency comparing how much they should have with how much they actually currently have. Would the app be able to calculate all of that based on their filtered data for each user?

Thanks a lot!!!

Yes, precisely!! All functions, calculations, Virtual Columns and expressions will work as before and only against the newly filtered set of rows.

Thanks @WillowMobileSystems! That is exactly what we will do then!