Data not showing

So I have a slice that has records when I View Data and has True when I test the expression in the expression assistant but none are showing up in my table view.

My view is using the right slice.

This is the result of hitting View Data in my slice.

This is the results when I hit test on my expression.

This is my expression:image
I’m thinking its something to do with how the Lookup returning a list interacts with IN()? Employees not working is also a virtual column so maybe it’s not loaded before this expression runs?

LOOKUP() always returns a singular value. You’ll need to SPLIT() its return if you want it handled as a list.

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Is this an error in the Test of the Expression assistant because it shows Y and N values for the rows in this expression just as expected?

As I understand it, Expression Assistant, the servers, and the app all have independent implementations of the expression interpreter, and each have their own quirks. :confounded:

Am I just having a brain fart because this is now returning a result just only the first result?
This is the list it’s supposed to return.

Now I am getting some extremely strange behavior that will be getting a support ticket. So I have the lookup as a virtual column now to make sure its returning the data correctly but when I save the app, my columns return blank but if I sync a few seconds later they show up.

Virtual columns, outside a row being edited in a form or modified by an action, are recomputed by the server during a (background) sync, as I understand it. Hence a delay.

But it isn’t just a delay on when I open the app and they stay after. They vanish when I refresh on a different view as well and don’t come back without a refresh on that view where they are displayed.
And they only have this vanishing behavior when I’m looking up this virtual column of a different table. On that table itself the columns appear instantly on sync and are never blank.

Do you think turning these virtual columns into real columns filled in by formulas would be a good idea?

I try to avoid virtual columns as much as possible.

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