Data on CSV attachement not correlating with the Slice it is created from

There a Sheet (TimeStamp) with employee timesheet data. I created a “Filter” table called Timesheet Report where the user through a form can enter a From Date and To Date and select the “True” button which triggers a workflow that emails a csv report.

The csv report is created from a Timestamp sheet slice called “TimeStamp Report” which in turn is derived from the From and To Date in the “Filter” table.

Here is the expression that creates the Slice:

[TSDate]>=any(SELECT(Timesheet Report[From Date], ([ReportID] = (MAXROW("Timesheet Report", "_ROWNUMBER"))))),
[TSDate]<=any(SELECT(Timesheet Report[To Date], ([ReportID] = (MAXROW("Timesheet Report", "_ROWNUMBER"))))))

This is where I need help, the slice is created perfectly, but for some reason, the emailed csv report does not look like the created slice. All the fields are there, but not all the records are the same

This is the Attachment Template:

"TimestampID","Employee Number","TSDate","Scan Time","Start Time","Finish Time","Total Regular Hours","Total Overtime Hours","Total Income for the day","Weekend?","Public Holiday?"

<<Start:[Timestamp Report]>>

"<<[TimestampID]>>","<<[Employee Number]>>","<<[TSDate]>>","<<[Scan Time]>>","<<[Start Time]>>","<<[Finish Time]>>","<<[Total Regular Hours]>>","<<[Total Overtime Hours]>>","<<[Total Income for the day]>>","<<[Weekend?]>>","<<[Public Holiday?]>>"

I can’t figure out why the CSV report doesn’t look exactly like the Slice, any help will be much appreciated