Data Organization for Teams

I published a new article about data organization for teams. It is available in the AppSheet help docs. Check it out!

The article describes how to use a Google Shared Drive or an O365 SharePoint site to store data for your team. Using a shared data location can be helpful to ensure longevity beyond a single user’s cloud account. It also makes transferring apps between owners a breeze.

The article focuses on using a single shared drive for the whole team. The same process could be applied to use multiple shared drives as well.


Hi @Derek, in the reference article for setting the SharedDrives, the terminology to use is still TeamDrive.

Where the root folder path as per the help article is:


Last week, I have just connected my team to the SharedDrives using the above “TeamDrive” as connection name and it was working fine.

However, I wonder if this connection using TeamDrive as the connection name would be depreciated in the future and what will be the impact to the connected Apps?


Hi @Heru,

That is a great question to raise. On May 31, 2019, the “Team Drives” feature of Google Drive was renamed to “shared drives.”

Backwards compatibility is always a priority when making updates to the platform. If the AppSheet terminology is updated in the future, the change will be made in a way to ensure existing root folder path definitions continue to work as expected.


@Derek, Last year when the name was changed from TeamDrive to SharedDrives, the functionality is the same, except for any excel files linked to other excel files and any links pointing address using a TeamDrive name - we have to change it manually to get the links back to functions.

Now, reading your response, I am happy since it clarifies my concern.


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