Data protection

Just I need a clarification for the data protection.

Appsheet is linked to the cloud platform, where the data base of any created app is stored. If this app belongs to any Employer how this give the confident about the data protection in line with the local laws and company polices.

Is the data base coded?

Please i need clarification in this regard.

The back-end database of any app always lies on the cloud account of the app creator, not any app user can directly access the back-end.

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Thanks for your feedback, but Appsheet as a third party has access on such account where this may also have an issue against some firms policy.

Also, if any application is populated to android or IOS store, in such case the users information or input data shall be only stored into the app creator database.

I am fully aware it will be under GDPR, but still 3rd party entities are involved!

Please clarify!

Please contact for answers to your questions.

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Much appreciated …

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