Data Row Filtering w/Expression Editor

@praveen @tony @morgan @brian
When we test any of our expressions from the Expression Editor, provided the table has more than 1000 records, the expression is evaluated and present results for the first 1000 rows only. Provided we are eager about a particular row’s return value in i.e. 1005th row, unfortunately we can’t see and/or dig down the evaluation. Is there a way to get the flexibility of dynamically filter the data rows as per row number? For example there can be a dropdown in the upper left or right corner of the evaluation page containing number in 1000 increments i.e. 1 - 1000 , 1001 - 2000, 2001 - 3000 etc. and the last item in this list can show the last available row number range (even there is only 1 row) i.e. 2001 - 2127. As AppSheet is reading the data directly from the back-end and display the results in an HTML table, I believe it can be done. Besides there can be an input field or spinner option, where I can even search for a specific row’s evaluation results.

Secondly, it could be very good provided the header row of that evaluation table is frozen somehow, so that when we scroll down thru the data rows, we won’t be losing the headers. This can be very essential for tables with large column sets including the VCs.

Is this possible somehow? Thnx for your input and feedback.

@LeventK I believe we enabled this already. There should be an option that lets you change the number of records. I don’t think it enables ranges though

Thanks for your prompt response @praveen. I have noticed a dropdown with values of 1000, 5000 and 10000 after I have updated my chrome browser. However it could be very nice and easy provided we can define that row range - may be with spinners, dunno really - because with a large number of row set, scrolling thru row data becomes a real pain.

FYI @Arthur_Rallu ^.