Data scraping


I have a web app ( Not appsheet ) from which i want to get data. The app has credentials so using the importhtml() function on google sheets doesn’t work. I want to believe there is way to do this with GAS, just could not find yet.

My other solution that im currently working on is this:

  1. The web app sends my email an excel file with records.
  2. I built an excel app that looks inside my email and extracts relevant files
  3. I then automaticly extract each file data and copy it to my data source
  4. Last function is then triggered to move extracted file to an archive folder.

Though this solution should work, i only use it cause i don’t have an api to the app. So came up with the idea to scrape data from it.

Any leads or ideas would be great


What does this have to do with AppSheet?


This forum has alot of members that work with google scripts and perhaps one of them has experience with this

Next time, please choose a more appropriate forum.

Gotcha, im deletin