Data Storage

I hope I am posting correctly and using the right category. This is my first time posting a question.

My question relates to how to get some idea of the amount of data storage to plan for when creating an app. I have built a very basic and minimal CRM using Google Sheets as the data source on a shared Google drive. The intent of this app is to provide an interim solution for customer relationship management until a more robust solution is implemented in our company. The projected completion time for that solution is around two years from now.

In the meanwhile, I need to be able to make a reasonable guess as to how much cloud storage space should be available on the drive. I know this is a loaded question with many variables to consider so what I am looking for is a way to begin to answer this question.

I am competent enough to follow the guidelines for using AppSheet, Google Sheets, MS Office products, etc., but I could not, even under the best of circumstances, be confused with someone who is competent in IT.

Any suggestions about how to proceed?

Welcome to the AppSheet community.

You have posted your question in the correct category. As you rightly mentioned your question indeed can have multiple dimensions. You could take a look at the below help articles to start with. Additionally, AppSheet supports many database data sources that are available in certain price plans.

Please search for more help artilces by keywords such as “database, data source, Google drive” etc for more informative help articles at