Data Syncing of Formula Involving Multiple Rule

Thank to Levent, I have been able to add my percentage total checking column to my cash-out calculation app.

However, because the formula adds up the percentages of “% Split” of rows bearing the same cash-out code and the total percentage reaches 100% after the last row of the group is entered, only the “% Split” of the last row entered of the cash-out code group will show “Correct % Split”. With others failing to update. Is there a solution to this? Refreshing does not help, I need to go click/tap the “% Split” fields of the previous rows to make the “% Check” change from wrong to correct.

The formula for “% Check” is:
IF(AND(SUM(SELECT(Monday[% Split],[Cash-Out Code]=[_THISROW].[Cash-Out Code]))<1.0002,SUM(SELECT(Monday[% Split],[Cash-Out Code]=[_THISROW].[Cash-Out Code]))>0.9998),“Correct % Split”,"! WRONG % SPLIT")

You are probably using normal column, correct?

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Yes. Is there any special types of columns for this kind of formulas?

Hi Steve, so virtual columns will update real time when data change?

Virtual columns update in real time within a form view, and outside a form view when the app syncs. Non-virtual (i.e., normal) columns only update when the row itself is updated. Note, however, that virtual column values are not recorded in your spreadsheet.