Data Table Filtering within Public App

I’m developing my first app that I am hoping to white label as public app. My spreadsheet is basically a complex calculator where the user provides inputs and the app/calculator returns the results. In order to allow multiple users concurrent use of the app, I have multiple instances of the “calculator” corresponding to multiple rows of inputs/outputs within my spreadsheet. I am then using the data table security filter (not by user login), but by CONTEXT(“Device”) to keep the data entry/calculations/results separated for concurrent users. It’s not for securing sensitive data that I am using the security filters, but to simply make my app work for multiple, concurrent users.

But I see that the public plan does not support Security Filters; so are there other ways to filter data table rows to a DEVICE other than the use of security filters?

Thank you.

I think creating slices which allow row filtering may do what I need.

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Slices and row filters will in fact give you the ability to tailor the visible data by device. As you noted yourself, THIS APPROACH IS NOT SECURE, as every user will have access to every other user’s data. Note, too, that as you accumulate users, the volume of related data could have an impact on sync times and will consume a proportional amount of memory on the user’s device.