Data type conversion taking couple seconds

Anyone know how I can avoid data conversion? It’s taking just over 2 seconds on less than 1500 rows but I have 53k rows in the table before the security filter. I have 3 text, 2 ints, a decimal and a datetime so the only one of those I can even imagine it is converting it the datetimes? This is from a mysql database so


I would also like to know if there is a way to speed up or dodge this particular sync slowdown.

I copied one of my apps and the database it was on to test this. It seems to perform the data type conversion no matter what I do. I dropped down to just one VARCHAR column for the UniqueID column and then added a single text column, still converted. @Steve would you happen to know more about this particular step in the Read Table Rows part of the performance log? If not, do you know who might?

I have multiple large tables like @Austin_Lambeth and if we could somehow pre-convert the data or otherwise get around this step it would massively improve sync times.

I know nothing of it. :frowning: I’l ask internally and see if I can get a developer to respond here.


Thanks Steve, as you can see in the above screenshot it appears that we could improve our MySQL performance by quite a bit if we could get this figured out.

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It is converting the database row data to “wire format” to send the data to the client.
I tried to optimize it but I introduced a bunch of bugs so gave up.