Data type "Drawing" not "quick editable" on detail view?

Quick question. Subject is self-explanatory I believe.

Image type, yes, it can be quickly edited on Detail View, but Drawing type, it seems NOT. Is it indended behavior? or I do something wrong?

hi there! Using the following app, what am I missing exactly? They both seem to allow quick edit mode? Are you referring to the “unlock” step required for drawings? Or something else…

Hi @TyAlevizos
Hope all goes well with you.
Apologize. It was just because I put the app formula to drawing data fields. It is bit strange, the drawing data fields is still “editable”, the user can draw over the image (image files are pulled through the app formula). So under my settings, the drawing fields was “half” editable, the background image, no, but drawing yes, we can do.

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