Data updates on table source but not on Appsheet

I have a filter on an “Archived Colum” that is of an enum value type depending on this filter it will show up on either of two views at the bottom of the app.

This is the formula for the first view: OR([Archived] = “No”, [Archived] = “”)
And for the second view: [Archived] = “Yes”

The issue I’m having is when I edit a row on the first column no matter what option I click on for the enum it doesn’t update. On the sheet it is stuck as “No” for the archived and it shows up on the first view but upon opening the row it says “Yes” for archived when it clearly isn’t given the backend says otherwise and the filter is putting in the proper slice.

Adding to that clicking on a row is opening the details page of another row.

We were looking into pushing this app into a production setting - but given that we can’t trust the integrity of the data this process has slowed us down extensively.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

“Adding to that clicking on a row is opening the details page of another row.”

This issue was caused by an improper table key - this has been fixed, previous problem still remains.


Please provide screenshots clearly showing the discrepancy between the data in Appsheet and the source.

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There were two entries with the same key name which lead to confusion upon reading - Thanks for your assistance

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