Data validation opposite of STARTSWITH


I have two fields in a form, one of then always starts with “OP” and the other one can be whatever. The data is filled by reading a QR code and sometimes they put the data in the wrong field. I have been able to validate one of then with the expression STARTSWITH([Operario], “OP”) and i would like to do the opposite in the other field, that is, whatever they punt in can´t starts with “OP”. Is this possible?.

If it isn´t possible, how could i validate only the data with more than five characters?


Just a quick thought on this without trying myself, but could you try NOT(STARTSWITH([Operario], "OP"))


I tried NOTSTARTSWITH but the expressión was incorrect.

Your expression seems to be right, but it doesn´t behave as expected.

My mistake. Your expressión works perfectly. Thank you!

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