Database access in pro plan

(Fernando López) #1

Before the change on prices and plans, the database feature was enable in PRO plan. Please I request to reconsider to enable again this feature in the PRO plan.
The Business Plan is too expensive for starter app developers and for the clients in America latina.

Hi, I have a question. Why data partition i...
(Michael) #2

@praveen I second this request. Does data being stored in a db add additional load to AppSheeet servers that storage elsewhere does not?

(Jader James) #3

Agree with @Fernando_Lopez

(Grant Stead) #4

Unfortunately, I agree… I had to upgrade to the business plan just so I could continue experimenting with databases and authentication sources. So, now I’m having to look at appsheet as more of a capital investment…

(Colin) #5

I have made the case too to Appsheet Management, that a datasource be it Google Sheet, Excel, or in my case Microsoft Azure is irrelevant when it comes to appsheet implementation. The volume of data used would still be the same (i.e. for me very small).