Database access in pro plan

Before the change on prices and plans, the database feature was enable in PRO plan. Please I request to reconsider to enable again this feature in the PRO plan.
The Business Plan is too expensive for starter app developers and for the clients in America latina.

@praveen I second this request. Does data being stored in a db add additional load to AppSheeet servers that storage elsewhere does not?


Agree with @Fernando_Lopez


Unfortunately, I agree… I had to upgrade to the business plan just so I could continue experimenting with databases and authentication sources. So, now I’m having to look at appsheet as more of a capital investment…


I have made the case too to Appsheet Management, that a datasource be it Google Sheet, Excel, or in my case Microsoft Azure is irrelevant when it comes to appsheet implementation. The volume of data used would still be the same (i.e. for me very small).

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I too agree 1000%.

Disclaimer for below: I am an AppSheet user just like you but with 25 years systems development.

I do want to point out to those who may not know, that supporting SQL database connections hosted on various OTHER platforms is not a trivial thing under the covers from AppSheet’s perspective. Their pricing is not based on amount of data transferred but rather on the mechanisms needed to support every single different combination of hosting platforms where the SQL databases could reside.

Google, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS etc. are all common platforms where there is a very small well-known set of ways to connect AND certain assumptions an organization like AppSheet can make to keep itself protected - this means less coding and maintenance on AppSheet side -> less cost.

To be able to host databases from ALL of the various OTHER web hosting or data hosting service sites, including those hosted locally by AppSheet app users themselves, is a whole other realm. When you throw in all of the protections that need to be put in place to prevent abuse, data breaches and the like, you can start to image the amount of work and effort it takes to support and maintain this level of sophistication within the system. Its tremendous!!

Pricing for these database connections is a different conversation.


I totally agree.
Please reconsider the use of cloud databases such as MySQL in Google Cloud with Pro Plan.
Or at least make it a feature that can be added to the Pro Plan for a monthly fee.

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