Database Refresh

Is there a way to refresh the database automatically after a week of uploading?

Could it be emptied after a week again so another set of data could be uploaded?

Whats the reason for this, what are you trying to achieve?


Hello! :slight_smile: I need to display a new report on the dashboard weekly. I’m not sure if I can archive the data but refreshing or uploading new data is alright.

Maybe you can use a Slice to just show the current week’s data?


As @Marc_Dillon said, use a slice. The formula you’ll need will be something like this to show last weeks data

Year([Date Column])=Year(Today()),
Month([Date Column])=Month(Today()-1)

Thank you so much! Will try this out. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! The formula would be helpful. I will try it out. :slight_smile:

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