Database sources - ALL GONE

Is there a way to check the audit history of who has messed with my data sources? All of the azure database sources have been wiped. But none of the smartsheet or google drive seems touched.

Have you seen this announcement or related messages?


Nope - didn’t see that and we never got any emails or notices. Thank you.

Why was this done? And is something they will do on a regular basis?

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Not sure why it was done. I wouldn’t think this would be frequent due to potential disruptions to businesses.


HI Tammi, John,
Yes is it exceptional and we had to do this for compliance privacy and increased security requirement from Google.
Now we did send multiple email notifications about it to the account owners over the last 4 months to try to prevent anyone from being surprised.
I am not sure why you wouldn’t have received it Tammi, unless someone else is the account owner for Appsheet at your company or there is a different email addressed registered.
But now that we have done this, we shouldn’t have to do it again anymore as far as I know.