Date Format Differences Between Views

I have picking up an issue on date format that I can’t explain why or how to fix it.

I am using my PC with the following settings which I believe will have an influence:

I am using excel and google chrome on my PC

I am noticing that differences between date format on data input in quick edit or form mode vs preview mode.

Preview Mode without quick edit enabled = dd/mm/yyyy

Form View or once Edit has been enabled in Table view = mm/dd/yyyy

How do I go about setting up my PC both data input and preview is dd/mm/yyyy

I looked at the following article and there does not seem to be much direction on how to do this if you are using excel or maybe I am missing something.
Any help

Hi! I’m sorry to see that no one has responded.

I don’t fully understand your situation but I suspect that the following may be relevant:

Here’s an example of how to use TEXT() to get the format you want:

TEXT(DATETIME(“2019-11-01”), “dd/mm/yyyy”)

Good luck!

Thanks Kirk.

I am familiar with text format. Just trying to understand all the factors influencing date format natively in the app on a particular device.

To summarize my question.
I have a different date format when entering a date in a form (MM/DD/YYYY). However afterwards this date reflects as DD/MM/YYYY in other views (eg: table view, detail view etc)
I understand that the device locale has an influence on date format.
I am however trying to understand why there would be 2 date formats within the same app on the same device.
It seems that the device locale alone is not the only determining factor, otherwise the formats should be the same across different views within that device.

So the question is what other factors influence native data format if I am using the default date column type settings (i.e. Short date and not long date) and also not using a text expression to modify it.

The other articles I referred to on my intitial question referenced that the sheet format or locale also determine date format. This however seemed to specifically reference a Google sheet and did not say much about and office 365 excel sheet.

In my app the date format on my excel sheet was manually changed to dd/mm/yyyy.
So it almost makes me think that the device locale influences the format of the form but the date format used in the sheet influences how that date format is reflected after saving the date in the form / excel sheet (i.e. table and or detail view etc).

Just trying to figure out what influences what.
Hope my question is clear now.

Thanks @Michael_Pinto! I’m afraid I don’t have enough knowledge or experience to answer your question. There are four things I can say, though:

  1. Our writing back and forth like this should bring this post to the top of the list on the forum, if only momentarily. So, perhaps someone with more knowledge will see it and respond. :slight_smile:

  2. It sounds like your issue is rather technical. Perhaps that’s why no one responded. So, it might be a good idea to write to about it. I think that referencing this thread would save you the time of explaining it all over again.

  3. Even though you shouldn’t have to, I would imagine that it would be possible to use TEXT() to force the dates and times to be expressed in the way you want, provided that the data is not corrupted in some way.

  4. I’ve been interested in the connection between the times and dates on devices and on Google sheets (which is what I’m using) and have written about that here, though it’s a different issue from yours, I think:
    Handling multiple time zones

Sorry I don’t have enough knowledge to diagnose your problem. Good luck!!