Date format differently displaying on app

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I’ve changed the locale of my spreadsheet file having date format set to {dd/mm/yyyy}. After reload the AppSheet’s editor, it recognizes the new locale name automatically and correctly. However, the date format shown on the table view and the detail view is incorrect displaying {1/30/2020} instead of {30/01/2020} -but- correctly shown on the form view (Add & Edit). What did I do wrong or missing?

Hi @Swoopy
Did you check the locale of your appsheet tables?

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Yes, it shows the same as locale in spreedsheet settings. And that’s why it reflects on the Add & Edit forms correctly, I beleive.

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Following, got exactly the same problem.

Have you checked your locale settings in your device?


On my smartphone & Chrome browser (used for AppSheet Editor) : if change prefer language to match the locale setting of spreadsheet, all dates are correctly shown. Thank you.


You’re welcome